Ellen Kosmer and I will be meeting at the Center on Wednesday at 2:00pm (October 3).  We will mark off two 20′ x 20′ gardens probably not perfectly square so that we can begin killing the grass to prepare the plots for planting early in the spring.

One of the questions we need to answer is how to best prepare the garden beds.  I suspect old English gardens received lots of manures and mulch over the centuries.  We don’t have centuries!  We could use a sheet mulching technique of laying down cardboard (not a Renaissance product) for weed control and then covering it with compost.  Or we can rototill the plot and apply either compost or fertilizer.

My inclination is to be practical as we start up the garden, but I also feel a need to try to move in a direction of being as true to the period as possible.  If you have learned anything from the early stages of your research that might guide this discussion, please share your thoughts with the “twogardens” listserve.

Everyone is invited to join us on Wednesday to flag off the plots and talk about how to prepare the beds, but I certainly understand if you are too busy to join us with such short notice.

FINALLY…. I”ve moved the posts that Madeline and Paula put on the main page to their individual pages.  I hope you don’t mind.  I’d like to keep the main page for communication and general comments that we might want to share with each other (like this one).  You can either post your findings directly to the page with your name on it, or create your own blog and link it to the page.  Whatever works for you.

All the best.