Got Compost?

Thanks to the Artemis Garden Consultants and volunteer Rebecca Larris (UMass Sustainable Food and Farming student), the “two gardens” were tilled and received 9 cubic yards of organic compost.  The compost was spread and tilled into the top few inches of soil.  The compost came from Martin’s Farm Recycling in Greenfield, MA.


We then spread some oat seed after the compost was tilled in.  The oat plants will germinate quickly and the early growth will take up the mobile nutrients released by the compost.  Oat roots will explore the top few inches of the soil and prevent any soil from blowing away during the winter.   The vegetative part of the oat plant will grow until it experiences a hard frost at which time the plants will die and store nutrients to be released again in the spring.

Oats were seeded and raked in after rototilling