Sonia Schloemann wrote…..

Hops – National Germplasm Repository in Corvallis has Hops in their catalog (see:  They don’t have a specific listing of old, heirloom or antique varieties as the do in some other listings.  However, if you look through the whole list, there are some old varieties there.  In particular 4 that reference dating back to ‘middle ages’, and another 8 that reference being from old English, French, German, or Polish landraces.  See the list below for specific names.  They come from the list at

Middle Ages
‘Backa’ – Czechoslovakia
‘Chum 800’ – Czechoslovakia
‘Saazar 36’ – Czechoslovakia
‘Saazar 38’ – Czechoslovakia

Old —
‘Early Prolific’ – English
‘Early Promise’ – English
‘Elsasser’ – French
‘Precoce de Bourgogre’ – French
‘Hallertauer’ – German
‘Landhopfen’- German
‘Tettnanger’- German
‘Nadwislanska’- Polish

Of all these, the only one that is said to ship as cuttings (2, unrooted) is ‘Early Prolific’.  The rest will ship as tissue culture plantlets.  This means identifying someone who can grow them out from this stage to rooted plants.  I’m not sure who at UMass is equipped to do that, but I can find out.

This same site also has the Mint collection, so if there are types of mint specific to this time period that you want to order, let me know and I can place the order (it’s probably easier for me to do it and have all the plant material come to one place).

For anyone who wants to look into other plant material, the easiest thing to do is to go to the National Plant Germplasm System page at and search a plant name (common or scientific) from there.  If you have a specific variety name, that can help narrow down the search.  Let me know if you want to order any material and I can coordinate.  I’m interested in Quince and Hazelnuts, too.