Jennie and Aaron continue to put plants and seeds in the garden.  After the first planting of kale and cabbage, we discovered that we had a rodent chewing on our plants.  Looks like a groundhog really enjoyed the kale and cabbage!

958826_10101314521974312_1270523677_oThe rodent even nibbled on the borage (yuch) and hores hound.   We put up a 21st century fence temporarily, until we get our wattle fence built!

Nevertheless, the planting continues.  Here are our transplants ready to go in the ground.

968494_10101316770917412_76029715_oAnd or intrepid head gardener, Jennie Bergeron, preparing the soil for more plants.

962271_10101316770952342_1732340253_oStop by and check out our progress!