We are beginning our third year of offering the UMass Renaissance Garden to the general public.  Once again, this project is co-sponsored by the Massachusetts Center for Renaissance Studies and the University of Massachusetts Stockbridge School of Agriculture.

We are delighted that our wattle fence made it through the winter in good shape (in spite of the record breaking snow fall). Spring clean up and planting has begun in preparation for the Garden Opening Concert on June 7 at 2 pm- 4 pm. Nota Bene will perform “Ah, Amaryllis! Songs of Love and Spring from the English Renaissance.” No reservations needed.  Refreshments co-sponsored by The Amherst Woman’s Club.  Please feel free to bring your refreshments outside after the concert and enjoy a stroll through our gardens!


Here is our wattle fence during the winter


this spring, we grew new annual herb and vegetable plants in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture greenhouses


UMass students used the garden plan created last year to plant new herb and vegetable plants in 2015


The UMass Student Farming crew cleaned up the garden and planted the seedlings on a rainy day in early June


The garden is shaping up – Lots of perennials from the previous year are doing well